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Story # 1: Telecom and iPhone 3G

When one of the largest telecom companies in the US were about to launch Apple’s iphone 3G, they needed market data on the handset to determine how well its performing in various US markets coast to coast. One of the independent companies had already driven the markets with the new iphone 3G but did not have the solution to mine and deliver the performance reports to the telecom company. This is when we stepped in and built a custom application to profile, cleanse and aggregate the data and then use it for reporting that showed the handset performance on 3G networks. This was critical to their success and other companies involved in the process. Skipfour was there to provide expert data warehousing skills to deliver a solution within time before the go-to-market date for iPhone 3G. This was a multi-million dollar project that was delivered within 2 with agility as our client required.

More stories are being added to give you firsthand account of our journey.