Our Past Adventures

We offer a wide variety of solutions to the customers, this is a small sample but a good mix of our past partnerships with our valued customers. With 1500+ customers served, chances are we are familiar with the solution you want built.

Fraternity Management

Problem Statement: One of the largest fraternities in San Francisco, California was struggling to keep up with their members, the finances, email campaigns and event organization among other things. They had over 400,000 active members and their attempts at building websites, excel sheets and other methods failed before they approached Skipfour. Not only their website was losing members because of its performance and other issues, the fraternity was losing money as they were not able to keep track of finances effectively.

Solution: Skipfour and the fraternity worked together for the first 3 weeks in the discovery phase to understand the scale of the problem and also to identify success metrics such as month over month churn, revenue, active membership, new memberships per month, invoicing process etc. 

At the end of week 3, we agreed that the website had to be rebuilt, member data, organizational and financial data had to be transported over to the new database, and also new merchant accounts built. We also agreed that the project was time-sensitive because of baffling 13% month-over-month churn rate, Skipfour allocated best people and added on additional workforce, we redesigned the system, developed, tested and deployed in another 5 weeks. We built analytics, best in class cloud backend, custom financial and event organization systems. We also tailor made the marketing module that fit their unique needs. Once the system was live, Skipfour assisted the fraternity in building an email campaign to invite the lost members for another look and asking existing members to take a fresh look.

Their first quarterly review after the redesign, revealed that their churn rate had dropped to less than 1%. Their revenue jumped up in double digits as they were able to invoice automatically and were able to receive payments online.

This customer was a repeat customer many times over and was also responsible for solid referrals that turned into dozen of closed sales in the following years.

Retail Augmented Reality Solution

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Healthcare Disruptive Solution

Problem Statement: One of the top educational institutes in Southern California approached Skipfour with a set of algorithms they had developed for correcting vision impairment due to  an eye condition that affects millions of Americans. Their idea was to turn the algorithms into a mobile app, and when the app was running, the customers could wear the phone with accessories such as Google Cardboard and be able to see. The live video the patients saw on the mobile screen was visually corrected for the specific impairment.

Solution: Skipfour worked in close collaboration with the institute. We initially developed a prototype and fine-tuned it by testing on select patients, until we were ready for the first market-ready solution. The institute hosted many focus groups to further fine-tune the algorithms, which resulted us going back and adjusting the app many times over.

Realizing the impact to many millions of Americans with the condition, Skipfour decided to enter into a longer-term partnership with the institute on cost basis so we can be a part of this great endeavor that touches so many lives. 

Participating in product testing, witnessing first hand when someone with vision impairment, putting on this product and being able to see for the first time in decades; being able to see the faces of the loved ones, trees, buildings and flowers and crying tears of joy, has made us proud to be a part of this. It reminds us why we do this on daily basis.

This case study is not complete without the mention of our team’s rock solid resolve to make this product successful. We used agile development methodology with unprecedented, two demos a week to ensure our customer was in lockstep with us. We worked round the clock, here in the US and then handing off to offshore to make sure the ball keeps rolling, we only stopped when the customer felt that the product was ready.

In their words, “Skipfour has not only been the technology partner but the human consort this product needed to go to the market.”

End to End Fitness Product

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Mobile Games: Build, Launch and Growth

skipfour game development company

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Waterfall to Agile Consultation Services

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Managed Resource Services

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Global Entertainment Recruiting Hub

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